Here’s a little Utah news that you might not know about, but hopefully find interesting.

A company with a large employee base in Utah will be protested by Occupy LA, Occupy Oakland, and maybe even Occupy Seattle.

Who are they protesting? SSA Marine

When? Today.

Why? Because the Occupy movement claims that SSA Marine is […]

The Big News that Someone (me) Leaked on Monday

The future of this blog may be in peril…

It may never be like it was before…

Hey, who said that… What do you mean… “There might actually be some activity around here!”?

No. I mean that I may never find time to post again. I truly hate to predict the demise of this blog, […]

Merry Anniversary and Happy Christmas

Well, it is a little know fact that three years ago, I started blogging by wishing the world a Merry Christmas. So, in commemoration of the world shattering event, I wish you all a Happy Christmas.

There have been some ups and downs with this blog lately, including a move from one server to another. […]

A Christmas Missionary Memory

Our local ward is putting together a collection of Christmas stories to send to the missionaries who are presently serving missions from our ward. They specifically asked for Christmas stories from our missions. And when I heard that I knew that I had to share the following story:

In 1991, I spent my first Christmas […]

Mowing the Lawn

I hate mowing the lawn. I have seriously considered xeroscaping my whole yard simply to get myself out of this mundane mostly pointless task. A task placed upon in the true spirit of Adam and Eve. It is the curse place on me because my forefathers partook of the fruit. Our ancestors started this evil […]

Getting Off of the Hoot

I have complained about it before. I have even given expressions of hope that it was going to happen before. But this time it is serious.

I have been working the graveyard shift (hoot owl, hoot for short, is what we call it here) for just shy of 4 years now. And as trite and […]

Fabulous Farding Friday: I Am Tired of Graveyards

If you don’t know, I work the graveyard shift (our company calls it the hoot owl or hoot for short). And I am ready to change my shift.

When I first took this position with this company it was with the idea that I would work our day shift. But it seems that there has […]

Fabulous Farding Friday: Wow! Things Have Been Busy

Yes, I know. Things around here have been rather quite. I have been very busy lately. First of all, I haven’t really had a quiet day at work for a long time. A little something that you might want to know because it could be a question on “Millionaire” or “Jeopardy” is that the ocean […]

Fabulous Farding Friday: The Desk Report

Big deal…. So, I got a desk….

Well, I thought it was a big deal last week. That is until I get in on Monday only to find out that I didn’t have a computer at the desk. So, I am still at the mercy of sitting at someone else’s desk.

Well, I had the […]

Fabulous Farding Friday: I am Giddy

It’s time for another installment of Fabulous Farding Friday. And while that makes me giddy. That’s not the giddiness I wish to talk about.

But before we get to the giddy…

I am not giddy because of this: Actually, I am a little upset about this. I am upset at the response that I got. […]