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The Case Against Seniority Charter Schools Receive Praise Protests on Private Property Change Is in the Air Hiatus, Sabbatical, Time Off, Leave of Absence, etc.

The Case Against Seniority

This is the second in a three part series on controlling the power of our representatives. The first in the series was on term limits.

I have been putting this post off, because I haven’t really had the time to do the research that I need to write it. But putting it off isn’t […]

Charter Schools Receive Praise

If you know me, you know that I am a big support of charter schools. One of my daughters received and excellent education at Summit Academy for 2 years, and if the decision were totally mine, she would probably still be enrolled there.

So, this morning, I found it intriguing that two different sources praised […]

Protests on Private Property

If I were to right more on the subject of the Gay protests on the LDS Church’s private property, I would be repeating everyone else. And frankly, I don’t care to repeat others.

So, for the most part on my opinion on this matter, I will refer you to Bob Lonsberry. For the most part […]

Change Is in the Air

In my previous post I mentioned that I wasn’t planning on blogging for several months. Well, I am breaking that because I have some pretty big news in my life. I know that I am going to get heck from some people for posting here, but I did state that I might break in with […]

Hiatus, Sabbatical, Time Off, Leave of Absence, etc.

First of all, congratulations to all who won their races in this election. Specifically, I want to congratulate Jason Chaffetz and Carl Wimmer. It was truly an honor to work on both of your campaigns.

I am of course a little upset about the Obama win. However, the people have spoken, and now we must […]

Join a Group of Hundreds in a Fast for Our Nation

I wrote about this earlier, and many of you joined in. I am inspired out fast this movement is picking, and I wanted to remind all of my readers, that it isn’t too late to join in.

The Nationwide Fast is effort to encourage every citizen of this great country to fast on November 2nd. […]

Say No to Renew the Zoo

About a month ago, Hogle Zoo emailed a coworker in the office where I work. They asked if she would be willing to share and email with our office. The forwarded email essentially invited us to put a yard sign up at our homes. I immediately choose to offend half of the office, and I […]

Utah GOP Shuns at Anti-Hatch/Bennett Message

The Utah Republican Party doesn’t like fellow Republicans who voice their opinion against their candidates.

Did you know that the Utah Republican Party has a blog. It’s called Leadership that Deliverers and it is generally fairly informative and fun to read. I commend them in their efforts to reach out their party members and the […]

Hatch is Wrong on Bailout

My friend email Senator Orrin Hatch about the recent bail out bill that he supported at the beginning of the month. I believe that my friend’s email was letting Hatch know that he didn’t support the bail out. And this was the response that he received from Hatch.

It is just further eveidence as to […]