HP TouchPad

A month or so back, I bought an HP TouchPad from KSL. Sadly, I did not get one of the great deals back in August. I was literally one weekend away from hitting the go button in the purchase of a TouchPad.  And that weekend managed to be the weekend that HP announced that they […]

The Poll Gone Wrong

It’s probably a little late to be posting this. But, I have been needing some more personal time lately, and so I took it.

However, I wanted to address the problem that happened with the poll about two weeks ago. If you don’t know the story follow the comment stream on the post Meeting […]

The Elephant that was Forgot

Maybe I am reading too much into this. Maybe I am seeing things that aren’t there.

But have you noticed the absence of the Elephant on Republican political campaigns?

Looking primarily at candidate websites, the elephant is not there. Of the four Federal positions currently open for election, I know of 8 different candidates. […]

UTOPIA continues to fail

As I have mentioned before, UTOPIA is bound for failure. I can’t find the original post I made about UTOPIA, but I remember posting that when it failed the burden would be placed back on the citizens.

Well, the failure is eminent, and the burden is already falling on to the backs of the citizens.


Another Move

Okay, in the time that I have been blogging, I have had four different sites. First, I started at Writers on the Loose (WOTL). WOTL is a great group of people, and there are several writers there who are worth reading. While my stay was only short at WOTL, it helped me to learn that […]

Things to Consider Before You Start a Blog

I was recently asked by a friend “what are the top 20 issues, technical or otherwise that someone might face who is learning to blog?” While he wasn’t looking for a lot a details, I decided that I would give him the details, and now I figured that I would share it here.

Twenty issues […]

A Look at Facebook

Well, since the beginning of the year, I have been on Facebook. You may have noticed the little picture and logo on the left side.

And honestly, I don’t know that I understand it.

Okay, it has been nice to connect with a few old friends. But that is about the extent of the fun […]


Again I find myself using a title that isn’t completely accurate. Some one is going to take me down for violating truth in advertising laws. The title just seemed witty and I couldn’t not use it.

I recently decided to give in a get a Twitter account. I had heard about it before, but I […]

Mayor Billings Gets it Right, Finally

Too bad he didn’t get it right the first time. But at least now he is owning up to the mistake, sort of.

iProvo should never have been invested it, but the city of Provo. The same goes for all other Utopia cities.

Just as I stated in the previous post, cities should not get […]

Listen to Gazelem Talk Politics

It’s been a long spell without any comments on politics from yours truly. And I am going to make this a special treat. You get to listen to me talk politics.

You may have heard about KLO Radio’s recent contest where they invited listeners to submit a 30 minute talk show. The talk show needed […]