You Have Led Me through the Door

A talk I gave in our Sacrament Meeting on May 20, 2012.

On a cold February Morning in 1910, Vincenzo di Francesca found a copy of a book that appeared to be scripture, but contained names of people he had never heard before. However, the name of the book was burned from the cover, and […]

webOS:open source::BYU:independence

First, I should probably apologize for taking back to your high school days and the horrid exams that we force upon your young children. But frankly, I loved these logic questions. I don’t know if I was any good at them, but I thought that they were a lot of fun.

In the unlikely even […]

Round Valley Draw & Willis Creek

As I have done for the past couple of years, I took another great trip to southern Utah’s great red rock country. My friends and I again traveled to the Grant Staircase-Escalante National Monument for some fun slot canyon hikes.

Our original plan was to visit three different slot, but we were only able […]

Take Back Utah Rally

Not to point the blame at one individual, but as and example, I would like to look back to the Clinton Administration. With one stroke of his mighty pen he created the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. It was done under the guise of the Antiquities acts. His motive was the protection of the wilderness.


Coyote Gulch

A year ago you might remember my post about a trip that I made to Paranuweap Canyon. Well, I made a similar trip again this year, but this time to Coyote Gulch. We also added one more person to our group.

On May 15th, I headed down to the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument with […]

Another Move

Okay, in the time that I have been blogging, I have had four different sites. First, I started at Writers on the Loose (WOTL). WOTL is a great group of people, and there are several writers there who are worth reading. While my stay was only short at WOTL, it helped me to learn that […]

Sandy's Blog

Well, after following my blog for years, my dear wife has finally given into the addiction called blogging. She followed my ill-advised advice, and used WordPress. After a brief training session, she finally has a new post. It is the talk she offered at her grand father’s funeral.

So, please take a minute to check […]

SODO: Cheesy Chicken and Rice

Well, as thouse who follow my twitter account already know, I have put the dutcho ovens away for the year. However, shortly after I put them away, I pulled them out again. Last Wednesday my daughter’s school held Parent Teacher Conference. And to show our teacher appreciation for the extra long hours, our School Parent’s […]

100 Push Ups: Week 2 Exhaustion Test

After the Conferences on Saturday, I put my kids to bed, then did some last minute Internet time wasting, before I remembered that I needed to do my exhausion test.

After the 2nd week of the One Hundred Push Ups program, you are supposed to test yourself. While it is priimarily to see where you […]

Things to Consider Before You Start a Blog

I was recently asked by a friend “what are the top 20 issues, technical or otherwise that someone might face who is learning to blog?” While he wasn’t looking for a lot a details, I decided that I would give him the details, and now I figured that I would share it here.

Twenty issues […]