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First, I should probably apologize for taking back to your high school days and the horrid exams that we force upon your young children. But frankly, I loved these logic questions. I don’t know if I was any good at them, but I thought that they were a lot of fun.

In the unlikely even […]

HP TouchPad

A month or so back, I bought an HP TouchPad from KSL. Sadly, I did not get one of the great deals back in August. I was literally one weekend away from hitting the go button in the purchase of a TouchPad.  And that weekend managed to be the weekend that HP announced that they […]

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear

Last year I shared with you what I got my dear wife for her birthday. This year due to my overall lack of posting new content. I neglected to share this gem with you on her birthday. So, this being the week before Valentine’s Day, and only a few days after her birthday, I thought […]

FamilySearch Indexing

I have this very heightened sense of self-importance, and I believe that many of you are wondering where I am and what have I been doing. The fact is that many of you are probably glad that you have had one less thing to read on the Internet. And most of you forgot that […]

Happy Birthday, Dear

Today is my dear wife’s birthday. And I am so impressed with the wonderful gift that I got for her, that I want to toot my own horn for a minute on this site.

Having made the decision to have a fairly large family. At least, large by today’s standards. We have to cut costs […]

Coyote Gulch

A year ago you might remember my post about a trip that I made to Paranuweap Canyon. Well, I made a similar trip again this year, but this time to Coyote Gulch. We also added one more person to our group.

On May 15th, I headed down to the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument with […]

Another Move

Okay, in the time that I have been blogging, I have had four different sites. First, I started at Writers on the Loose (WOTL). WOTL is a great group of people, and there are several writers there who are worth reading. While my stay was only short at WOTL, it helped me to learn that […]

Sandy's Blog

Well, after following my blog for years, my dear wife has finally given into the addiction called blogging. She followed my ill-advised advice, and used WordPress. After a brief training session, she finally has a new post. It is the talk she offered at her grand father’s funeral.

So, please take a minute to check […]

World Net Daily and Sarah Palin Read My Blog

World Net Daily and Sarah Palin stole my idea. While I probably should be angered at the plagiarism. I am more honored. I can’t believe that such a small little blog has such big influence.

World Net Dailey is reporting the same thing I did on Monday. That Sarah Palin is helping out NBC, SNL, […]

Why McCain Palin Must Win

I won’t ask you to vote for someone I wont’ vote for. But I feel that it is imperitive that this pair must win this election. It is for our country’s health that I believe this is true.

There are $700 billion reasons I will not be voting for McCain next month. I can’t support […]