I Was Wrong

This is an apology post. Because I was wrong about today’s convention.

First, I was wrong about my live blogging. When I got there, they were charging for Wi-Fi access, and when I plugged in my Wireless Access Card, I had already exceeded my monthly allotment. Frankly, I am too cheap to pay.

Second, I was wrong with my prediction. I predicted that the race would be near 50-50 for Lee and Bridgewater. To some friends I said that it would probably be 51 for Lee and 49 for Bridgewater. As you are well aware, it was a whopping 57% for Bridgewater, and a shallow 43% for Lee.

I was shocked, but having reviewed the numbers and contemplated the approach, I can see how it happened. I think many Bennett Candidates were upset with the Lee camp. So, when Bennett lost the race, they voted for Bridgewater as more of an “Any Body But Lee” vote.

Now I get a chance to vote in this race, and as you are aware, I am leaning towards Bridgewater. But things could change in the next month. And I am excited to see what Utahns have to say (at the ballot box) about these two candidates.

Finally, Thank you Senator Bennett. Your service for the past 18 years, is appreciated. You may not have voted like I would have liked you to. But you have done things for Utah. I hope you enjoy your retirement and I wish you and your family the best over the coming years.

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4 comments to I Was Wrong

  • That Bennett supporters went for Bridgewater was less surprising to the Lee camp than the Eagar folks who also went for Bridgewater. If Lee is to have any chance in the primary he needs those Eagar folks.

    • I don’t think that the Lee campaign understood how much their arrogant nature has hurt them. Granted I think the arrogant nature of the Eagar campaign hurt them too. Personally, I feel that Bridgewater’s humility is what garner himself the majority of the votes, and if he maintains that, he will win in the primary.

  • I got the chance to vote as a delegate yesterday. I voted for Bridgewater all 3 rounds. I think he did a good job appealing to Eagar’s supporters after the first round in his 1-minute speech after the 1st round, and then again when he used his 1-min speech after the 2nd round to give a tribute to Sen. Bennett to get some of his supporters. Smart choices, and I think Eagar & Bennett’s supporters reciprocated.

    Rob Bishop was a foregone conclusion. But his opponent made it even more so. Ridgeway devoted his whole speech at the Republican convention to a petty attack on Bishop and the GOP. Whatev.

    I was really looking forward to a SuperDell trainwreck, but he was a no-show. Is he in jail or something?

    • I was sitting with a group of Teenage Republicans (spoke several times with the State Chair of the Teenage Republicans), and they asked me the same thing about SuperDell being in jail. I don’t know. But he may be. In all honesty, I see SuperDell as being pretty much the same as Mike Ridgeway. They should get together and have a little party.

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