How I Would Vote, If I Could

Well, it looks like I am a little slow in sharing my support. It seems that State Senators, fellow bloggers, and Radio Commentators have all already made their picks known. And I have shared my opinion with only a few friends and my wife.

So, I guess it is time to let you all know how I would vote if I could. Unfortunately I was not elected as a delegate in my precinct this year for a number of reasons, but I am happy with at least one of those who was elected. The other delegate hasn’t shared her opinion, so I don’t know where I stand with her.

You may have notice that I haven’t used the word support. The favored candidate that I am about to tell you doesn’t mean that I support him as much as it shows that I would prefer him to the other candidates. Too be honest with you there aren’t any that I feel I can support. Each of them have great qualities (even Senator Bennett), but none of them speak to me as the best person for the job.

So, after all that rather long preamble, let me share how I would vote. After looking at all of the candidates. and reviewing their history and their track record, I would most likely vote for Tim Bridgewater. I would say that he has earned about 49% of my vote. I don’t say 50% or more just to make it clear that he hasn’t earned my support, just my vote.

My second choice would be Cherilyn Eagar. She would make a great second and she probably deserves more than the 31% earned vote that I am giving her. But, I had to do that in order to treat the other candidates more accurately.

My third choice, and to be completely honest with you is Mile Lee. He just hasn’t impressed me. I really wanted to like him, but I think that he is just another Washington D.C. crony who will go back to D.C. and do what they want him to do and not do what us Utahns have elected him to do.

For more on my reasoning for voting for these candidates, I feel my past posts on their candidacy might help to explain why. I will let you use those as guides.

I am still predicting a primary between Bridgewater and Lee. I suspect that the final will be closer to 50-50 than anyone has guessed.

I will try to live blog the event, but things may prevent me from doing so. If you are at the convention, I would love to talk with you. You can locate me by looking for the only guy who will be wearing an autographed White “Mark Shurtleff for Senate” ball cap. Please don’t construe that as my support for him. I just think that it will be a nice talking piece.

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4 comments to How I Would Vote, If I Could

  • Jack

    Great choice Travis. Bridgewater is the genuine candidate in the race and will make a good senator. I also like Cherilyn but don’t think she can win. Mike Lee is my last choice.

  • Cynthia

    Travis, I wouldn’t have guessed which way you were leaning and I think that shows you’ve done a good job giving fair consideration to all candidates. As you know, my sister ran Chaffetz winning campaign and there were a lot of people who felt about Jason as you do about Tim this tie two years ago- that he was better than the status quo but not a rock star. Oh the difference 2 years and a lot of work can make. That’s okay- it’s good to be hard to impress!

    I believe that Tim will prove himself to be more like Jason in some ways (work ethic, ability to build coalitions to press for reform) than many people see. It was the similarities I saw between Jason and Tim that drew me to volunteer for Bridgewater. They are, of course, very different individuals but they share a certain common ethic that is, in my mind, the precursor to success. I hope Tim has the chance to prove to you and all of us that he was the right choice. I feel confident that he is but only time will tell for certain.

  • Cynthia

    PS: And, as a delegate, I’ll do what I can to ensure you DO have the right to vote on this. I think this decision is too important to be made ONLY by delegates. Everyone in the party has a stake in this and most are as well read as many of the delegates as to the issues and candidates. I believe it is morally right for all party members to have the opportunity to have vote as well.

  • AL

    I like both Tim and Mike, and think that either one will make a good Senator. I will be voting for whoever is leading after the 2nd round in order to avoid a primary and give us a better shot at beating Matheson in the Fall.

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