Utah’s Online Tea Party

I woke up this morning and saw a few of my Facebook Friends who were heading to the Tea Party. I was envious. Then as I drove to Work, Bob Lonsberry was calling his program the Tea Part on Air. Realizing that there were a lot of you who may be like me. You may wish you could go to a Tea Party Event, but often find yourself having to care for your family (either by being at home or working a job). Well, now is your chance to participate.

After you read my rants, take a minute to share your Tea Party ideas in a comment below. As is one of the themes of the Tea Party. Your voice is the one that matters. So, here you will not have to listen to a bunch of politicos. Instead you get to hear your voice and the voice of your neighbors. So, please join my online Tea Party.

Now for my rant.

When I first heard of the Tea Party movement, one of the things that struck me was the elite’s response. They treated the Tea Party movement as a fly-by-night bunch of know nothings. They couldn’t be bothered by it.

It struck me as that was the same reaction that England had when the Colonialist started to rebel. They didn’t think that such a movement could have a place in their empire. They ignored it, and hoped it would go away.

Well, just like history has shown, when the cause it right, it doesn’t go away. The Tea Party has grown and the greatest part about it is that it is a truly grassroots organization.

We are over taxes. We need to do something to change that. We need to get rid of the tax and spend Democrats. We need to get rid of the tax and spend Republicans. All congresspersons need to know that if they want my vote, they will stop taking my money and giving it to their special interests.

It is time for real change. Time to make congress a representation of the people and not of special interests. This isn’t going to be done through some amendment to the constitutions, or some fancy campaign finance law.

This is going to be done at the ballot box. And the Tea Party is helping to raise awareness of this.

Enough of my rants. Please share your ideas below.

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6 comments to Utah’s Online Tea Party

  • The Tea Party movement started out as grassroots supporters of Ron Paul, but it has been hijacked by astroturf operations like Americans for Prosperity (AFP). AFP is a front for Koch Industries, one of the largest private companies in the world.

    Yesterday’s New York Times has a detailed profile on the Tea Partyers. They usually or almost always vote Republican. I note especially that 57 percent admit to still being die-hard Bush supporters (how many more were reluctant to confess this to a pollster?)

    I might mention that federal taxes are at an historic low right now. The outrage over taxes sounds fake.

  • I wholeheartedly support the TEA party movement. Far too many people are complacent with a staggering national debt and an ever-increasing federal government. Fortunately, many average Americans are deciding to take their frustration to the streets and publicly express their grievances against government. For the most part, I feel that the TEA party activists are following an American tradition in protesting against economic and political infringements on their liberties. Honestly, what is more American than protesting taxes?

    I am tired of the media misrepresenting the movement and fueling allegations of racism, but I think that the “elites” will eventually be forced to reckon with the TEA party protesters whom they revile… if not now, definitely come election time.

    My individual protest is this: I want a reduced federal government, I want less taxes on the wealthy and on corporations (for such cuts benefit all of us), I want less government restrictions on businesses and entire industries, I don’t want any more bailouts! I want to see health care reformed, but definitely not socialized. I want politicians to fear their constituents, and act accordingly… I want to see this country embrace individual responsibility and accountability… no more free rides!

    Anyway, enjoyed the post and am glad to see an “online TEA party protest.”

    Feel free to visit My Daily Roast… we had some of our staff film the protests in DC… they said is was absolutely amazing!

    Take care.

  • Richard, even though most TEA party activists will vote Republican doesn’t make them partisan. Many of these people are independent, but vote according to the issues which they care about. If they want limited government and fewer taxes, they will probably vote Republican. Why? Well, the GOP has definitely lost its way, but it has more potential to address such issues than the Democratic party.

    Also, to deny that MOST activists are independent of outside groups, companies, and organizations is naive. How many TEA party protests have you been to? I have been to protests here and in Washington, and I can safely say that an easy majority of the activists are self-motivated.

    While taxes for most Americans remains relatively low compared to past periods, it still remains a legitimate issue. Many are outraged over the use of tax dollars, by this administration and the past one. Many are angry that their will be a large financial burden placed on future generations (just look at the cost of the interest of US debt alone)… I think protesting taxes is always appropriate, no matter how high taxes are compared to past generations… it is an American tradition, something which hearkens back to the founding of this nation and even the philosophical concepts of John Locke and others who shaped it.

  • I think it’s possible for self-motivated people to find themselves co-opted by corporate special interests. In fact, that’s what has happened to the Tea Party movement.

    Do I need to remind you that President George W. Bush doubled the National Debt? Where were the fiscally-responsible protesters when the Bush administration refused to pay for two wars and Medicare Part D?

  • Tim Carter

    “We need to get rid of the tax and spend Democrats. We need to get rid of the tax and spend Republicans.”

    In my opinion: Our Repubs aren’t honest enough for ‘tax and spend’, they tend to be ‘borrow and spend’. Utah Repubs squeal like little girls about the stimulus, but use it to balance our budget instead of dipping into our rainy day fund.

    Translation: we can cover it, but if your giving away money ‘stolen’ from tax payers, we will be more than happy to spend it rather than give it back to who it was ‘stolen’ from. Typical.

  • UA: I was able to attend the back half of our local tea party in Provo. I always enjoy attending and listening to great speakers, candidates, music, and interacting with likeminded citizens!

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