Meeting the Candidates

This past week I have had the opportunity to meet (or hear) all of Senator Bennett’s competitors. I heard a debate on the Bob Lonsberry program between Cherilyn Eagar and Tim Bridgewater. I listened to a town hall meeting hosted by Tim Bridgewater. And on Tuesday night I took the chance to attend a meet the candidate event at Murray Library. I don’t know who was hosting the event, but there was a great collection of various Republican Candidates. From those who are seeking nomination for county positions, to the 2nd District House and Senator Positions. It was a stand room only meeting, and I got there late enough to be standing.

As I see it, beside Senator Bennett (whom I haven’t met or listened to lately), there are really only three real candidates for this position. With all respect to the other two individuals, they got into the race too late to be considered a serious candidate. So, I am going to focus primarily on Tim Bridgewater, Cherilyn Eagar, and Mike Lee‘s campaigns.

I am currently very much undecided. going into this meeting, I have told people that I am 33%, 32%, and 31% in favor of these candidates. The remaining 4% is left for anyone who might survive in the nominating process instead of these three. So, while I am favoring one of these candidates, I have still not made up my mind.

Originally, I was going to make this one post. But as I started the write ups, I realized that the better way would be to do this with a post for each candidate. So, please stay tuned as I discuss each of the candidate over the next couple of days.

In the mean time, let me share this funny moment from the meet the candidate meeting on Tuesday.

The best exchange of the evening was between the two Republican Candidates for Nomination to the 2nd Legislative district.

Neil Walter was asked to move over in the row next to Morgan Philpot, in order to facilitate the discussion a little better. After the moderator asked him to move, he joking said, “now don’t start fighting.” That lead to the following discussion (I don’t claim these to be the exact words, but I have made an attempt to keep true to the story):

NW: Don’t worry, I didn’t bring my brass knuckles.

MP: I don’t even own brass knuckles.

NW: If you go to Washington, you may need them.

MP: I’ll just carry my gun.

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57 comments to Meeting the Candidates

  • Marion

    I have had a chance to listen to some of the candidates for the last few months (I agree that they only real candidates are Cherilyn, Mike, and Tim.) I worked on Sen. Bennett first campaign. He once sounded fresh and ready to contest the ways of Washington, now however, he sounds more and more like the rest of them.

    The three challengers to Bennett each have a good stump speech, the true test is how they answer questions from the audience. I was really impressed with Cherilyn’s answer to a term limit question. The other candidates all indicated they wanted term limits. Amendments to the Constitution are not easily passed. It ain’t going to happen.

    I thought Cherilyn answer to the term limit question was right on. Look at it yourself.

    I thought her reasoning was excellent. She not only thought it out but she had a plan. On the other hand it looked to be like the other candidates were just trying to curry favor with the questioner.

  • James

    I was in attendance at the same meeting and heard the exchange between Morgan and Neil. That was extremely funny and got everyone laughing.

    I will have to agree with Marion. The two old guys who just jumped into the US Senate race aren’t even legitimate candidates. The only serious candidates for Bennett’s seat is Cherilyn Eagar, Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee. In saying that, however, I must admit Eagar seems to be the candidate of choice. Knowing Bridgewater has companies that are funding overseas jobs and Mike Lee has taken money from Energy Solutions, along with Harry Reid, makes me turn my allegiance to Eagar. I like what she says, and she doesn’t appear to be connected to the political party of corruption, whereas Mike Lee seems he could slip in very easily. Lee’s smarmy attitude leaves me a bit uneasy. Could we exchange Bridgewater’s wife to be the candidate instead of Tim? Hey, now…there’s my vote

  • Pam

    Travis, I’m with you in your assessment: Cherilyn, Tim, and Mike are the candidates on my radar. I’ve been watching these candidates for almost a year, for some, even before they had officially declared. It’s a tough choice because I believe not only would any of them be better than Sen. Bennett, but any of them would be great in their own right.

    Loved the exchange between Neil and Morgan! I’m glad to live in the the 3rd District with Jason Chaffetz for my Rep., but would love to live in the 2nd Dist long enough to vote for Morgan. He’s awesome.

  • Dave Duncan

    Eagar gets the nod from me. There are just too many disqualifiers for Tim (early supporter of McCain), and even more for Mike (federal government can force states to take nuclear waste). Eagar is dedicated to the constitution, at a fundamental level, not as a legal expert. She would be a true voice of conservatism–one of the few such women in the senate who could effectively counter the likes of Dianne Fienstein. She has long been a conservative activist in politics.

  • Cynthia


    I saw this link on your FB page and thought I’d come check it out. In any case, I thus far agree that there are much better alternatives to Bennett in the race this year.

    Like you, I carefully considered all candidates over a period of time and thought for awhile that I’d probably fall Lee’s direction. Until I listened to Tim Bridgewater. I like a lot of what Cherilyn and Mike have to say but when it comes right down to DOING the job, I don’t see either of them as being as capable as Bridgewater.

    I could go on about why I think Bridgewater is the best choice but you have to come to your own conclusions after doing your own research. I can tell you that James assersions above are not factual so I’d encourage you to talk with Tim before rather than assume he is correct.

    In any case, I’d encourage you to call all three of the candidates and interview them specifically for each of your posts. I know Tim would enjoy talking with you and I’m sure Mike and Cherilyn would be willing as well. Tim’s cell phone number is 801-244-0037(he has posted it on his website so I’m sure it’s okay to post it here).

  • Mark

    I am thoroughly undecided. I believe Sen. Bennett is a good man and has done good things in the Senate, but am lately also getting the feeling he is too embedded in the system. Our current troubles did happen on his watch.

    I’ve campaigned for Tim, like his business background actually, am worried about his previous losses. Perhaps that’s just a Lincolnesque prelude.

    The one time I talked with Cherilyn, thought she was haughty. And being an activist as preparation for being a Senator sounds too much like being a community organizer as preparation for being a Senator and President.

    I like many of the things Lee is saying, but like others I’m concerned about his work for Energy solutions, and I don’t believe the answer to every question has to begin with “the constitution says…”.

  • Spencer

    I have also listened to the main 3 candidates (Eagar, Bridgewater, Lee) and have come to the conclusion that I hear alot of things that Bridgewater and Lee SAY that they would do, but I like the fact that I can see what Eagar has actually done over the past 30 years. I don’t have to hope that I can rest on what they “say” they’ll do. Cherilyn has a record.
    Plus, I like the fact that she is feisty. But then I love Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman too. Eagar would be a good addition.

  • Jon

    I have watched and listened to the “3” candidates many times myself. I was undecided for a long time, but made up my mind clearly that the candidate to support is Mike Lee.

    Mike has an incredible knowledge of the constitution like no other I’ve seen. He has incredible determination, knowledge, passion, and the ability to do what is right. His professional experience in the Supreme Court and working for the Governor give him the unique ability to help convince others of our conservative values.

    If you have not yet had the chance to meet Mike Lee and here him speak, find out when he will be near you and go meet and talk with him. I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion I did.

    Utah needs to lead the way, and we need to do that by sending Mike Lee to the U.S. Senate.

  • James,

    I agree with you that I would take Bridgewater’s wife over Eagar for the senate. That being said, Mike Lee is the best candidate out there. He would even defend constitutional rights when it’s unpopular.

    All the arguments about what Cherilyn has already done fail to take into account the fact that the job of being an activist is not the same as the job of being a senator. Cherilyn is good at getting noticed and being combative. She has demonstrated her ability to speak soundbitese. What she has not demonstrated is the ability to grasp the way the senate works and to act like a senator. She acknowledges that passing and amendment is difficult but then she campaigns on the dead horse of overturning Roe v Wade. As much as that meads to be overturned it is even less likely than passing a term limits amendment. Not only that but t would do less to change the culture of Washington than a term limits amendment would.

    • sollutions


      As for me it will be MIKE LEE

  • I have been studying the candidates thoroughly since the first one entered the race last fall. I spoke with them in person and studied their positions and their past. We had some good choices but I couldn’t really get behind any of them whole-heartedly. Then Mike Lee entered the race. I had heard his Constitution lecture before and heard rumors that he would enter and so I had studied a little about him. When he entered I invited him to speak to my community and we came to him with some very difficult questions. I came away from that event knowing I had found the right guy for the job.

    Mike Lee has the knowledge, the understanding, the principles, and the focus that we need to turn this country back to where it needs to be.

  • Mike

    Beautiful. Someone is hacking the poll to run up Tim’s votes. 60 additional votes in 2 minutes with no additional comments? That’s fishy to me. I know there are members of the each campaign commenting, but go to the comments for a more realistic view.

    • Interestingly. Until there was a huge spike of Mike Lee votes at one point too. Mike lee and Bridwaters stats were directly opposite of what you see now. And in that time there were very little comments (actually no comments) from Lee supports.

      I have it set up that blocked by a cookie. So, it is easily over written. I would hope that some integrity is being used here. But I am not opposed to a grassroots effort to try and boost your candidates numbers. So, if you support a candidate over another, then push the poll to your fellow supporters.

      • Mike

        Thanks for the additional info – I only watched the poll for a couple of minutes. Thanks for your article! I’m still undecided as well.

  • Deann


    I found this link as it was posted on the “Bridgewater for Senate” FB fan page. There are over 1000 supporters. And then I posted (like other Bridgewater fans probably are) the poll to my FB profile. Hence, recent spike in numbers.

  • Connie

    How can you jump 130 votes in a matter of minutes???

  • utah_liberty

    This is likely obvious to most, but the poll on this page has obviously been rigged. Mr. Bridgewater went from 15-20 votes to 150+ in a matter of a few minutes.

    I’m guessing whoever is doing this has their browser cookies disabled and is simply refreshing to keep voting.

    FYI for all, so that people don’t try and interpret the poll in any other way than assuming that one Bridgewater supporter is “cheating” to inflate the numbers.

    Mr. Grant, you should look into using a poll that will do both cookie and IP address blocking so that only one person per IP address can vote.

    • I have that option. But because it causes problems, I have opted not to use this.

      I am going to check my stats tracker. But I won’t be able to see today’s status until tomorrow.

      • utah_liberty

        What problems does it cause? Depending on what those problems are, that would surely be preferable to allowing your poll to become entirely meaningless through the actions of one (or more) individuals deleting or disabling their cookies to refresh over and over…

        Just sayin’.

        • I don’t know for sure. My polls are hosted by And at the creation of the poll, it says this about blocking with IP and cookie: “Note: Blocking by cookie and IP address can be problematic for some voters.” Because of this, I have always not blocked by both. I haven’t really needed to. I guess, I should have thought about that with this post.

  • Doug

    I’ve been following this poll all day, and in the last little while it has taken quite a jump. It looks like we have some “cookie” monsters. You don’t really win when you have people clearing their cookies and voting again. Shame on you!

    • sollutions

      Agree with you Doug. Even if you are supporting my candidate, it only helps in this poll not the final one.

  • Okay, I just remembered that I actually have two stats trackers. One that I don’t use very often, because it also counts my visits to the site. So, I when there, and there is some very obvious hacking of the vote.

    It is from at least two different IPs. They are, and (no info on this one, so no link).

    So, I have pull down the poll, and replaced it with another one that blocks by both IP and cookie. Hopefully, this will give us some better results. If I had known that this would go this way, I would have blocked from IP in the first place.

    • utah_liberty

      One of those servers is in Lehi.. another in Russia? Tim’s camp needs to learn to play fair. Thanks for putting up a new poll, hopefully this one doesn’t get abused.

      • Just to clarify. Some of these could have been from other camps as well. We really don’t know the source of these.

        Also, we need to be careful in blaming any campaign here. While I am sure that some campaigns may have pushed the poll on their social networks (and I am fine with that, it shows a grassroots connection), it doesn’t mean that the campaign approved of “hacking” the poll.

        For now I will lay the blame on myself, for not having the foresight to block by IP. And on a few (or maybe just one) individuals who didn’t understand the ramifications of their actions.

    • Okay, one more update. I removed two of the IPs. Why? Because the were me. AGGGHHH!!!!. I think I spend too much time here. I need to get a life.

      Really, it looks like the Russian site is the main culprit, because of the two, this IP produce over 60% of the hits.

  • Connie

    You ROCK Travis : )

  • There’s no question very few people want bennett back and he doesn’t have much of a chance.
    So who do we want?
    Eager does end up with a lot of sound bites as one other person mentioned, from the limited time hearing her she sounds more like a Romney Republican or maybe along the lines of someone who watches a lot of Glen Beck (of which I am NOT)
    I can’t really put a finger on Bridgewater… not sure what he brings to the table. Is he playing mostly off of his business management capabilities?

    I want a sound fundamental senator… who stands on principles as long as those principles are the principles of our government as stated by the Constitution.
    So for me it’s Lee.
    So I was one of those 12 who voted for Lee

  • The order is reversed for me. Eager is a great speaker and she appeals in her speeches to high moral grounds, but reports of back alley mudslinging have turned me off from supporting her. Not saying that she will be, but just because she has no political connections doesn’t mean that she can’t be bought off. I think it’s important to look at people’s track records and see if they’ve been bought off before, not just because they’ve been chummy with companies / special interests before.

    • Fred

      Reports of back ally mud slinging?

      Is it wrong to question someone’s stand on issues, past voting record or possible conflict of interest? That is all she has been doing, and all we have been recommending others supporting her to do.

      Cherilyn has been working as a citizen activist for 30 years. See what you can find. She isn’t perfect, but she is the only one running with that experience, at local, state, national and international levels.

      • Past record voting and potential conflicts of interest are fine. What they’ve actually been doing is fine. Anything above that is not.

  • Cheryl

    Yeah, cause Tim and Cherilyn have a ton of support in Russia. I know that I only voted once, my husband tried to vote and it didn’t count it. Now now my vote isn’t being counted at all. Online polls, like straw polls, don’t really mean much.

  • Dave Duncan

    Now it looks like someone has hacked it in Mike Lee’s favor.

    • utah_liberty

      Doubt it, Dave. I’ve talked with several people in the past few minutes who are Mike supporters who have voted, and emailed friends to do the same. As Mr. Grant said, that’s grassroots movement in action. Guess we will see if Mr. Bridgewater (or his Russian friend? lol) can keep up this time. Ah, internet polls. Reminds me of all the Ron Paul fans a couple years back!

    • utah_liberty

      But then again, sounds like Mr. Grant can use his analytics tracking to determine if there are separate IP addresses behind each of the votes…

      • I don’t know if I can go that far in researching. I will look closer into it, when I get home and can access Google Analytics. I am eager to see what happened. I may also look into and see what they can tell me.

        Oh, and please just call me Travis.

  • Doug

    I am a Mike Lee supporter. And I sent an email to 20 of my friends (and fellow supporters of Mike Lee). This is how the grass roots support is supposed to work!

  • Russia? Who’d have thought!

    I’ve got multiple Lee supporters in my house so hopefully my IP wasn’t a culprit! I’m the only one who voted on the second poll though. I’m making everyone else take it from work. I did email my friends though and tell them about the poll and we are all supporting Lee. I really, truly, feel that he is the best candidate.

    I agree though, that people shouldn’t put too much stock in the online polls or other straw polls.

  • I love that exchange between Philpot and Walter – too funny!

  • Daniel

    Why is anyone listening to an “anonymous” poster on here? Utah_Liberty obviously is not a Bridgewater fan, but who’s to say that Utah_Liberty is not the culprit, but is trying to cast doubt on another campaign? Regardless of your campaign, keep it clean, leave off the groundless accusations, and go rally your supporters.

    When I started seeing stuff on twitter, I knew all of the campaigns had sunk to new lows. I think it’s great that Travis is publishing a blog, writing his thoughts, and allowing visitors to vote…but for a visitor here to turn this into a mud slinging fest only hurts his blog when you come one here and start calling names. But to make a big deal out of the votes for a blog poll? As if that shows anything but that your supporters are willing to get everyone they know to vote in an online poll. It doesn’t prove anything to me.

    If you want to sell me, post something interesting about your candidate. Sell us on him. Treat us like intelligent people.

  • Cheryl

    Looks like if we voted in the first round our votes won’t be counted for this new round?

  • Speck

    Eager claims to have no special interests, but she and her husband run a realty support company. In light of the National Association of Realtors bribing their members to attend the Caucuses and run for delegate, I’m leery of any of their members sullying the political process with their interests.

    I’d certainly take Eager over Bennett, but She’s not the unbiased Saint supporters claim she is. She seems more hawkish and political than the other candidates. She strikes me as a Republican first and a Conservative second, while the others have their priorities right. A Republican partisan is liable to fall in line with the Republican establishment after the pendulum swings the other way.

    • Anyone who says they’re unbiased is pretty much a liar. We’re all biased in some direction or another.

    • Fred

      I don’t think you will find an RPAC (Real Estate) endorsement of Eagar. She is too conservative to pick it up, besides the RPAC funds both sides of the aisle, so I don’t think she would take the money even if it came.

  • sollutions

    Here here!!!
    WIFM is always in the background somewhere.

  • sollutions

    It is clear that no one wants this old senator back. I was not surprised to see that MIKE LEE is taking a commmanding lead in your poll.

  • Cynthia

    Hey, just an FYI, I’ve heard from a couple of Bridgewater supporters that their votes don’t appear to be counted? Anyway, just letting you know there still seems to be a problem with the poll. Sorry! I know this is not at all what you intend.

  • Jeremy

    A year ago Eagar would have been my choice over Bennett. But since then, I’ve become far more impressed with Mike Lee. I think he would be a better choice for Senator than the others, and I think he has a better chance of winning as well.

  • Mark

    I caught the debate between Bridgewater and Eagar on the radio and liked what Tim had to say. I feel like Eagar wants to be elected on passion. Well passion isn’t enough! She also wanted to get into mud slinging revealing her Washington roots, along with her missinformed information about Bridgewater.
    Now I don’t know much about Lee but he backed out of the debate with Eagar so it leaves me with some doubt about him. I do admit I know Tim and had dealings with him years ago. I am glad to see we share the same views about our country. One thing I can say about Tim is that he has uncompramising integraty and that is exacly what we need in Washington now more than ever.

  • James

    Jeremy Nicoll, your honesty regarding bias is refreshing. With bias it is very difficult to be open minded, honest and objective!

    It is obvious to some of us, that people like “Speck” and “Jarvie” and “David” are coming up with lame reasons (because of their bias) to either discount the value of one candidate and/or support Mike Lee. Mike Lee seems like a great guy. He looks like, acts like, talks like a politician. He is a lawyer. He comes from a good family. He knows the constitution. He worked for a progressive Governor. If I wasn’t a fiscally conservative thinker first and a Republican 2nd, I might want to vote for Mike Lee. But here are my issues (not biases) with Mr. Lee. He is part of the problem with our political scene; Mike Lee and his support staff act like a polished political machine.

    Try this on for size: Mike Lee and Cherilyn Eagar were supposed to have a one-on-one debate on the Lonsberry show. Two days before the event Mike Lee’s folks called Lonsberry and withdrew. Now, you must read this: A very good source from Davis county said the Lee camp told Lonsberry that he and his staff were supposed to meet with the Davis County Chamber of Commerce the day and time of the debate. When someone checked into that, Mr. Lee’s excuse for running away was 100% bogus. The real reason Lee withdrew is because Eagar has consistently out-debated him. She knows the issues far better and is articulate in expressing the differences between the two candidates. Lee typically has had to adjust his stances on the issues because Eagar has effectively challenged him on them in debates.

    Here is another issue (not a bias) I have: Mike Lee is being supported by Energy Solutions. BTW, so is Harry Reid. (That is not debatable) Thus, Mr. Lee defends Energy Solutions by saying the Nuclear waste being brought to Utah from South Carolina, Brazil, and Italy is 100% safe. Lee says, “The waste being brought to Utah is safer than even a lightbulb or an x-ray.” If it is so damn safe, why can’t South Carolina, Brazil and Italy dispose of it in their own back yard? The majority of Utah citizens don’t want it coming here, and yet Mike Lee knows better than all of us (money speaks) and defends Energy Solutions. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW OUR POLITICIANS ARE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY TODAY, AND I FOR ONE AM SICK OF IT!!! Our elected officials work for you and me, not the other way around!!!

    The reason why I am supporting Mrs. Eagar has nothing to do with style, bias or any phony reason. It is because Mrs. Eagar is not and will not be a part of the specious political process. BTW, she has effectively challenged Mike Lee on his foolish free trade stance and has pointed out how it contradicts his “constitution” stance saying there is no way a candidate can be a free trader and also say they will defend the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The WTO has proven just how little sovereignty that document has with its consistent voting record against the U.S.’s best interests.

    If you want to return this country back to being free and great, we must elect people who won’t be persuaded to vote through their pocket book. Tried that; doesn’t work! It’s time to put your bias aside and vote for a true conservative candidate, like Cherilyn Eagar.

    • Kim


      I’ll call the kettle black, your post shows a lot of bias, but then I’d expect that as we all have our own favored candidate. What I didn’t expect was an attack on another candidate, especially my candidate of choice. Can we all unite to get Bob Bennett out instead of tearing down other rival candidates and dismantle any semblance of unity there may have been? We have three great candidates to oppose Bennett: Bridgewater, Eagar, and Lee.

      Mike Lee has not received one penny toward his campaign from Energy Solutions. I hear that Bob Bennett has received $55,000 from Energy Solutions. You might want to check into it.

      So, “a very good source” is just gossip. Pure gossip. Give us something more than that. And really, Eager has out-debated Lee? I guess it’s all in the ears of the beholder.

      “Acts like, talks like a politician”? “Mike Lee and his support staff act like a polished political machine” Mike hasn’t held political office and his support staff are all volunteers and some whose only political experience was helping with the Jason Chaffetz campaign.

      Please focus more on why you support your own candidate of choice instead of attacking the other.

  • Gina

    Mike has shown the knowledge and passion to stand up to these “Thugs” who are literally pimping away our STATE and being paid off as fast as you can say “show me the money”!
    Mike Lee knows the Constitution and respects it and all it stands for as far as we can tell and we believe he won’t Forget it!
    It is in the learning, educating, defending and upholding of the Constitution that is our ONLY hope as a State or Nation!
    WE must have the foundation of principles Mike seems to have to VOTE on ANYTHING!!! If he knows the Constitution or if ANY Candidate KNOWS the Constitution for that matter we have safety in knowing “He knows the Law and will not let anyone tread upon it however the form takes shape!!!
    Learn and study the Constitution through Scott Bradley’s book “To Preserve The Nation” It is the best book you can study right now.

  • Of course your tracker is being abused! Your poll is messed up and it is because you explained to everyone exactly how to do it! I think I will gauge the candidates by the measure of their character and the breadth of their experience. “I don’t need no silly poll”

    • I would hope that noone would base there position on a poll. And this one has been revamped that it is more hack proof. I believe that it is only 1 vote per visitor that has been counted, since the fix. But I don’t believe that the poll represents a true make up of the state of Utah, and more importantly the current State Delegates of the Republican Party.

  • Dana

    Thanks for all the arguing. The cross of ideas and information between you . . gives me a better idea of whom to choose.

  • Rod

    There are a lot of assertions about Cherilyn Eagar in these posts that are misleading or completely false. A big problem a lot of people have apparently is listening to one candidate, then completely writing off the others. A lot of the points people are making about Mike Lee and his constitutional stance is exactly why I support Cherilyn. Be careful about a lot of misinformation out there and do your research.

    Cherilyn Eagar has been standing up to Washington, Chicago and more thuggery across the united states in her support of freedom for the past 30 years. If anyone has what it takes to stand up against the tide it’s Cherilyn, don’t discount her because she’s a woman.

    One comment mentioned Cherilyn’s “bias” towards the Real Estate industry in Utah. I just have to laugh at this. It’s pretty easy to find where candidates have gotten donations from, look it up. This same argument of Cherilyn’s supposed bias could also be used on all the other candidates as far their respective careers and business dealings, so it’s a pretty flimsy argument. I noticed someone had discounted a previous post about Cherilyn as mudslinging when there was no mud to be found in the post she referenced.

    I like Cherilyn because she is not a lawyer, She is not afraid to tell you exactly where she stands even when it may not be what you want to hear. She will fight in the US Senate for you and I.

  • Glen Haner

    In my life I have heard two defenders of true education who are nothing short of stunningly articulate: John Taylor Gatto, and Cherilyn Eagar. That’s just education. I have long wished we had a senator with her expertise in all correct principles. Mike Lee is entering conservative circles with a great resume. It’s just that track record trumps potential. “I can” is good, but it is not “I have.” Knowing the Constitution is great, but Cherilyn has been in the battlefield defending it for over half of her life.

    We just need a little time to let Mike show us what he is made of. Refusing to debate Cherilyn makes it hard to know just how good he is.

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