Meet the Candidates: Final Thoughts

While speaking with these candidates, I questioned one about one of the differences I had with the candidate, he quoted Ronald Reagan. “My eighty-percent friend is not my twenty-percent enemy.” While, I don’t know the original context of Reagan’s statement, it was explained to me that just because I may disagree with this candidate on an issue or two, it doesn’t mean I should be against them.

It’s a good thought. However, as you can see from my assessment with each of the candidates. Each of them is in some part my “friend.” I have a lot in common politically with each candidate. I also have a few items that I disagree with them on.

So, the question isn’t whether they are my friend or enemy. But rather, how much my friend they are. And I haven’t decided that yet. It is going to be a tough decision. But it is going to be a fun decision.

It has been great to read all of your comments about the varying candidates. You will notice that I chose not to make any comments. Accept for where a needed discussion about the wayward poll, I have kept silent in arguing one way or another about each candidate.

I wanted to see people’s raw comments about their candidate, and in the occasional case about the other candidates. It has been very eye opening, and it has helped me in making my decision. I am still undecided, but I believe that you have help me to narrow the field a bit. I now sit at about 35%, 34%, and 30% for these three. Yeah, I know there is 1%, but I have to leave some room for change.

I won’t say who is which. I don’t know that it matters. The key point for me, is that we have three great contenders. The issue is, which of these is a ninety-percent friend vs. those who are only eighty-percent friends.

I hope to re-elected as a State Delegate this year. I hope that if you have taken the time to research each candidate, that you will join me at your caucus meeting and run for State Delegate.

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