Meet the Candidates: Cherilyn Eagar

My impressions of Cherilyn Eagar are based on two events and several crossings of paths. As stated in previous posts, I have listened to a debate between Cherilyn Eagar and Tim Bridgewater. I also observed her in the Murray Library meeting with several other Senate Candidates. Beyond those I have had no other meetings with Eagar. However, I have seen her at just about every Republican Event that I have been to in the past year.

One of the biggest pluses from the Eagar campaign is her efforts. She has worked hard to get her message out. Probably the hardest of any of the candidates. Whether you agree with Eagar or not, you have to respect her efforts on the campaign trail.

When it comes to an issue by issue analysis of the candidates, I am probably more inline with Eagar than the others. When talking with her after the meeting, she explained her position on term limits. She is essentially against them. Rather than recount our conversation, let me refer you to her explanation on her web site. I was amazed to hear her say what I have been thinking about for sometime now.

If I am so inline with Eagar, why haven’t I made my decision to support Eagar. Simply put, I don’t like how she has run her campaign. While, her efforts to be out among the Republicans is admirable, she has done at least two things that have bothered me.

First, during the last two public appearances that I have been at, she has been on the attack. She has attacked Mike Lee for his connections to Energy Solutions and the Nuclear Lobby. And she is attacking Tim Bridgewater for his business enterprises that have ties over seas. And from the meeting at the Library, there appear to be inaccuracies in her accusations. At least according to both Lee and Bridgewater. I won’t question the accuracy myself, but I will say that she better have done her research if she is going to attack like this.

But bigger to me than the accuracy, because I can’t confirm it, is that it is too soon to attack the other candidates. When looking at these candidates, they are very similar. It appears the Eagar is trying to distance herself from them. She is trying to stand out in a crowd. But her attempt to distance herself is only alienating her from many who might have voted for her. These types of attacks (if accurate) would be better placed within the last few weeks before the convention.

Second, she isn’t consistent in her rhetoric. While I could cite an example from the library, the best example is from the debate on the Bob Lonsberry program. Near the beginning of the debate, Eagar said that she doesn’t want people to vote for her because she is a women. Then at least 4 more times during the debate, she mentioned how Congress needed more Republican women, and how she was that women. It seems that she wants it both ways.

Eagar has certainly made this a fun race to watch and be a part of. Her hitting the road style campaign has been impressive. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be constantly going. Her commitment to constitutional principles is wonderful. However, her ability to run a principled campaign seems lacking. And that has made all the difference for me.

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2 comments to Meet the Candidates: Cherilyn Eagar

  • James

    Travis, your observation of Cherilyn Eagar is fair. I think you have made an honest assessment of how you view a life-long political activist, while comparing her to a career-type political candidate.

    I have never volunteered my time or services to help someone get elected, so I can’t speak about the best time to attack another candidate. I am not well versed on political strategy, nor have I run for any public office, so I can’t say what is or is not good campaign strategy. Perhaps you have that background and know better.

    One thing I learned many years ago is debate strategy. One of the many elements taught in debate is to do exactly what Mrs. Eagar is doing. Mrs. Eagar does, as you suggest, want to separate herself from the other leading candidates, principally Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee. Now, if she has made errors through inaccurate argument it shows her lack of candidate skill. It, however, speaks nothing of her will to change the way America does its business in Washington D.C.

    What is refreshing to me is, Cherilyn Eagar is not afraid of going after political corruption, back room deals, politicians who obfuscate issues and other nefarious acts from either political party. Those kinds of issues are what has gotten us in the mess we are seeing now with Health Care Reform, Cap and Trade etc.

    Eagar represents my views of getting rid of politicians who say one thing and then do another. Eagar represents my views of standing for strict constitutional issues while representing “We the People.” Eagar represents my views of stopping corrupt politics where elected officials are paid-off by special interest groups to vote one way or the other. Eagar represents my views in having a smaller government, where We the People have our freedoms, not dictates from D.C. bureaucrats. Eagar has shown she puts principle over party! Eagar is not going along with the politics of the past, even here in Utah, where straw poll votes were purchased at the Cache County Lincoln dinner.

    Mrs. Eagar has purposefully put herself in the public so Utah citizens can scrutinize her values, her platform, and what she plans on doing between here and Washington. She stands in stark contrast to Bob Bennett, and we certainly don’t need more of Bennett. Utah does not want another life-long Senator! But Mrs. Eagar has, in all the events I have attended, challenged Mike Lee on the efficacy of a term limit amendment and a balanced budget amendment; campaigns she has already given many hours to in the past, which were defeated because of their proven, unintended consequences.

    Mrs. Eagar has already proven to be the true conservative favorite with the endorsement of the Utah Republican Assembly, the same group that endorsed Ronald Reagan in California. I find Mrs. Eagar to be trustworthy and capable of being a good leader for We the Poeple of Utah.

    If Mrs. Eagar’s campaign is lacking, it is because she is not a polished politician and/or part of our political problem. The political problem, in part, is a candidate who will compromise his standards and values and will do almost anything for money. Yes, then, Mrs. Eagar’s campaign is lacking.

    As for me, I want Cherilyn Eagar to be our next US Senator because she doesn’t have any conflict of interests, she stands for constitutional rights, she understands the role of limited government, she is principled and not tied to the Republican party surrounded by the rank and file, her vote will not be bought, traded or sold to any special interest group, she is endorsed by true conservatives and true conservative groups/organizations, and lastly, every time I have met Mrs. Eagar or spoken with her, she remains constant in her message to bring honesty and integrity to the office for which she seeks.

  • Tatia

    Cherilyn Eagar has my full support! Imagine if every Utah citizen would let go of the games played in politics and vote for she who would uphold our constitution with great power–Eagar is the best woman for the job! Who cares about petty details, such as, did she debate how I wanted her to debate? Or does she have the most money behind her campaign? I understand that everyone is looking at the probability of whether or not she will win enough votes in the long run–and I believe she will!–or if she will just end up dividing the vote for someone else. But, what if we, as a people, put our hope and trust in what is best for Utah and what is best for our country? She would gain all the support needed to win.
    Are we trying to vote in a senator with the most wealthy campaign? This can only lead to corruption, and has every time! Whoever funds those campaigns are expecting political legislative favors in return!
    Are we trying to vote in the best debate artist–Hitler was one of the best at debate and persuading people…or are we trying to vote in the best candidate who will fight for our country in restoring our constitutional rights?
    Eagar, with her tireless campaign efforts has already proven that she will hold nothing back in fighting for constitutional rights. She abhors corruption in politics and will not tolerate it! She is very much like our founding fathers in principle and heart–I have never met another woman more dedicated to continually choosing the right for those she represents–no matter what persecution may follow her! It’s time that we the people choose the right candidate, and not the wrong pathway in the name of “playing the political game”. Most opinions vouch for Eagar as their favorite–her politics are the best–they are constitutional–so let’s vote her in! Take a leap of faith and do what’s best for our state and country, all games aside.

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