Who Will I Be Campaining for in 2010?

For the past several months I have been struggling regarding which candidate I should support for Senate.  This has partly contributed to my silence on this blog. I am still struggling.  That’s why I am excited to find a candidate I can support.

Unfortunately, that candidate is not running for Senate.  I am support Representative Jason Chaffetz for his re-election bid.

Okay, I know that at times this site sounds like campaign headquarters for Jason Chaffetz. However, Chaffetz continues to win my support at every turn.

This past week I received an email from the Chaffetz campaign inviting me to support the Contract for the American Dream.  It didn’t take me long to read it to realize why I supported Chaffetz two years ago, and why I am going to support him again.

Because most people don’t bother to click through on links, let me quote a few items I like from this contract:


  • Cut non-defense discretionary spending by inflation minus 3% across the board.
  • Impose a moratorium on all appropriations earmarks until the process is reformed legislatively. Work to maximize openness and transparency with filters, to ensure only expenditures with a federal nexus, and prohibit allocations to for-profit companies.
  • Engage in entitlement reform.


  • Repeal TARP and commit to no more “stimulus” bills that are merely a ruse to grow government.
  • Appoint a bi-partisan “Sunset Commission” to identify at least 100 federal departments or programs recommended for elimination by December 31, 2011.


  • Apply all laws equally to Congress.
  • Attack the rampant waste, fraud, and abuses in Medicare and Medicaid.


  • Dedicate at least 4% of our nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for national defense spending.
  • Adopt a “Go Big or Go Home” approach to our overseas military presence.  We must have the best foreign intelligence, human and electronic.

I don’t support everything the Chaffetz’s suggests.  For example, I have a problem with his stating that the constitution needs to be amended. The contract states “Support a balanced budget amendment.”  I don’t like that our nation is in as big of a debt as we are.  However, there are ways to control this without a constitutional amendment.

While this contract is great.  It is just words.  However, Chaffetz has put is words into 12 action items.  This is a list of actions he promises to make during the 112th congress.  Chaffetz has proven that he is a man of action during the past year, and he will continue these actions  in 2010 and in a 2nd term.

I am still keeping an eye out on the Senate race, but so far none of the candidates have impressed me.  I hope to be re-elected as a state delegate for my precinct again this year, and if so, I will be even more invested in the Senate race.  Hopefully, someone will stand out above the others.  One thing is for sure.  I won’t be voting for Bennett.

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2 comments to Who Will I Be Campaining for in 2010?

  • Hope you’ll feel like helping with someone outside your district. 🙂

    • Yeah, Morgan has my support. And I my post about him in the future. But I feel that I should at least attend one of his meetings first.

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