Happy Birthday, Dear

Today is my dear wife’s birthday.  And I am so impressed with the wonderful gift that I got for her, that I want to toot my own horn for a minute on this site.

Having made the decision to have a fairly large family.  At least, large by today’s standards.  We have to cut costs where ever possible.

As part of this cost cutting venture, we don’t hire people to do any automobile repairs, unless we have to.  Well, the last time that my dear wife was out rotating the tires, I was so moved by the efforts she made.  Trying to remove those lug nuts with nothing more than a box wrench was tough for her.

After the first tire was removed her dear knuckles were already bloody, and she still had three more to do.  It was all I could do watching her as she struggled with each nut.

I was so moved by her diligent efforts, I knew that there was something to do to help her.  So, this year, I purchase for her a tire iron.  Not just any old tire iron.  Nope.  I bought the cheapest one that money can buy.  After all, we have a big family and can’t afford more.

It will be so nice to watch her remove those lug nuts with this new tool.  No longer will I have to endure the pains of her screams and grunts.  It will be sure pleasure to watch her rotate the tires in just over an hour compared to half a day as in years past.

I love you dear.  Happy Birthday.

Oh, by the way.  I think it’s time to rotate the tires on my car.

The above is with respect to Walter E. Williams and his dear, departed wife, Connie, and his past Christmas presents he has shared with us on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

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1 comment to Happy Birthday, Dear

  • your dear wife

    Hope you enjoy rotating those tires. I think I am going to go find a nice book to read.

    Love you dear- You always make me laugh.


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