Hands Off My Health Care

Okay, so the title is a little cliche if you are following this on the internet, but you have to admit that it is a catchy phrase, so I am using it.

Carl Wimmer is in the news again.  And of course the Salt Lake Tribune needs to cast him in a negative light.  But the fact is the Wimmer is doing what is right for Utah and right for our nation.

The federal government is getting too strong.  The federal government is taking more and more control over our lives.

I like the way the Jason Chaffetz put it in his Cot Side chat.  “Don’t get between my wife and our health care.”

In the Tribune Article, Senate Minority Leader Pat Jones, D-Holladay claims that Wimmer is over reacting.  But it is very likely that this bill or some perverted (if you can get worse than it already is) form of it will pass.  So, Wimmer is simply being prudent.  He needs to act now, if he wants the law to pass in 2010.

This is just further evidence that the Patrick Henry Caucus is doing what they have proposed to do.  They are fighting for our rights, and the legislators who have joined this caucus are men and women who are truly fighting for our freedom.

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12 comments to Hands Off My Health Care

  • Maybe these politicians have a good health care plan. I don’t. Like most Americans, I’m just one accident or illness away from bankruptcy.

    There are 52 million Americans without any health insurance at all. That includes 1 in 6 Utahns. Rep. Wimmer and Rep. Chaffetz are not living in the real world.

  • Darn – the longer this debate goes the more the number of uninsured grows (according to DNC talking points). First it was 16 million, then 21, then 36, then 42, then 47 now 52 million? Yet no one seems to be able to point to any FACTS backing up these figures.

    At this rate we are all going to be uninsured…..


  • Seriously, where did that 52 million come from?

  • I’ll never understand the logic that leads a person to defend a system that is overpriced and poorly function with the mindless meme of not wanting “government bureaucracy” between “me and my health care” (until you reach Medicare age, of course… then you’ll accept it eagerly) while in doing so you’re defending having an insurance company bureaucrat whose bonus depends on stopping your claim and denying you coverage between you and your health.

    It’s idiocy for the sake of ideology, and not much more.

  • What Medicare? There won’t be any Medicare left when I am old enough to qualify. I am paying into the biggest ponzi scheme in history, and the sad fact is I have to because it is the law.

  • Care to provide a link backing up that claim? Or is that just another mindless talking point you learned to repeat?

  • Here’s a source you’ve seen before Jason.

    You’re railing against a system where private insurance bureaucrats make decisions and arguing that it’ll all get better once government bureaucrats make them.

    • Thanks for finding that Cameron. That is one of the places that I remember hearing about the failing medicare. But I am sure there is more. I was hoping to respond earlier, but this has been a very busy day. But I like what you came up with better than what I would have.

  • RSchiffman

    Comments all spoken from the view of a person who has health care and hasn’t dealt with being uninsured in Utah and other States than Utah. Come live in my World for a while.

    • Yes, I currently have health insurance, but I have lived a life without life insurance. I can’t say I fully understand your plight, but the fact is that there are ways to have medical needs taken care of without the government. There are many charitable organizations that can help. There would be more, if it weren’t for the current belief that it is the government’s responsibility.

  • Cameron asks: “Seriously, where did that 52 million come from?”

    The answer is, from the Bush administration crashing the U.S. economy. There were only 47 million people without health insurance in 2007.

    The North Carolina Institute of Medicine estimates 52 million Americans are without health insurance as of January 2009. Read it and weep. Be glad you’re not one of them.

  • RSchiffman

    In that case Travis, contact me. I have thousands of dollars in medical bills that need to be paid. No charity covers them. IHC has already ruined my credit for years over $68. I will be defaulting over more medical bills I can’t pay because of the way the State unemployment wouldn’t allow me to use money given to me for medical bills by my last employer for medical bills. Someone needs to help pay legal bills over the bankruptcy IHC is trying to force. Those “charitable” organizations are nowhere to be found. I’m uninsurable for the rest of my life because I take a medication taken by hundreds of thousands of people in the US. After 1 day of not being insured, I can never be insured again. My coworker with a 6 figure income can never insure all but 1 member of his family for the same reason. He’s been trying for years. Interestingly enough I had the same issue that will cause bankruptcy at the hands of “non-profit” IHC in Arkansas at a “for profit” hospital. I did the same things and there all my medical bills were taken care of and charities helped. NOT IN UTAH in the last 8 years. A very similar thing happened, but that nasty Clinton administration hadn’t dismantled all the protections to let IHC play complete god yet. The last administration did. UTAHNS, as a generality are smug self righteous people. The last billing lady at IHC looked at what the Arkansas “for profit” did and said the “not for profit” IHC couldn’t do anything like it, however, the just “thanked God she could do a little bit”. Well, that just means having your life ruined for slightly less money that it would have been ruined for otherwise. Welcome to the Utah attitude you also have.
    You drank the cool-aid. You have no clue about reality. If we let the government remove all protections and rely on people giving charity for our health-care solution, which is your proposal above, we are doomed. I have to agree with my co-workers in the Netherlands. No Country can consider itself civilized if they don’t take care of their sick. Obviously groups like your precious caucus want life to be like it was in the 1700’s, having 60 year mortality as part of it.
    One day you guys will explain why EVERY first world country in the World with government provided health care has higher life spans and happier people than the US. One day you guys will figure out that you already ration healthcare. Tens of thousands die from lack of healthcare because they can’t get it. That’s rationing. It’s just the poor and homeless that generally die, not the rich ones. As soon as a little fairness is proposed, the rich ones start crying. Well, I know lots of former rich ones that are now rationed out of health care who aren’t going to stand for the arrogant attitudes of people such as yourself. We vote and get active in politics too. And, yes I’ve been talking with my parents about moving back into a basement bedroom. I’ve made far more money than you are likely to ever make, and I’ve had my credit ruined by IHC, bankruptcy looming, no health insurance available to me the rest of my life because of this health care system you support so much. Come fix my issues with these charities you know so much about and I’ll believe you know something. Show me those emergency room hospital bills while you were uninsured. I don’t believe you had anything go wrong with you that counted when you live uninsured. /rant off for now

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