Announcement of Bell as Lieutenant Governer Nothing To Worry About

Apparently, I missed out on all the fun.  But then again, I am not an Eagle Forum member, and I don’t have much interest in the group.  As LaVar Webb  points out on Utah Policy Daily, extremism generally only hurts the party.

This is not to say that I disagree with the Eagle Forum.  The fact is that I am probably more in line with the Eagle Forum than I am with the soon-to-be Governor Herbert.  But I wouldn’t write a letter to anyone blatantly opposing someone on simply one issue.

Here’s how I look at the Greg Bell selection.  Although Bell and I probably disagree politically on many things, he is probably the best man for the job.  Although I would never chose Bell as my Lieutenant if I were the Governor, he is qualified for the position.  So despite my own misgivings about Greg Bell, I won’t be joining any band wagons against him.  But I am not jumping on any band wagons supporting him either.

Let’s not forget that this is the Lieutenant Governor.  His biggest responsibility is to run the elections.  He doesn’t have veto power.  He doesn’t have a vote in the legislature.  I don’t mean to belittle the position, the Lieutenant Governor serves a very vital role in Utah politics, but the fact is that this isn’t a powerful position.

Okay, I will admit that if Herbert decides not to run sometime in the future, this may put Bell in a better position for election as the next governor, but in the 30+ year history of Utah Lieutenant Governors, not one has ever been elected as Governor.  This will most likely change in 2010, but still time will only tell.

If a poll was conducted a month before the announcement that Governor Huntsman was heading to China asking Utahns the name of their Lieutenant Governor.  I would guess, that most could not have said Herbert.  This is because most Lieutenant Governors are background people.  They aren’t supposed to seek the limelight.  And if Bell does his job well, he too will simply exist in the background and do a good job.

One further note, I don’t like the idea that is being bantered around by the media that Bell is a politically expedient choice for Herbert.  The fact is, that many people will be turned away from Herbert because of his choice of Bell.  And some will be attracted to Herbert as Governor.  But for me, I am more interested in the Governor than I am in his Lieutenant.  The Governor is the man of power and that is what we as citizens should be the most concerned with.

So, I am not worried about the choice of a more moderate Lieutenant Governor.  I wouldn’t have picked him myself, but the fact is that his position isn’t something that will affect the political leaning of this great state. To fret about this is pointless, despite what the Eagle Forum or the Salt Lake Tribune may say.

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