Why I am not a Libertarian?

There are more than one reason why I am not a Libertarian, however, today, I am going to discuss just one of them.  In the future I may or may not post more reasons, but this one is in the front of my mind right now.

Because of my political leanings I read several Libertarian blogs and I find myself agreeing with them on many, but not all issues.  I also read liberal blogs, but only those that actually have something to contribute to the conversation, and that usually isn’t much.

As I have read the several Libertarian blogs, I have come to a greater understanding of why I am not a Libertarian.  One of the reasons, I am not a libertarian is because I want to do something.  It seems to me that libertarians just want to complain.  They simply want to be able to say, “It ain’t my fault, I’m not a Republican.  It ain’t my fault, I’m not a Democrat.”

It’s the easy way out.

However, with my stance, I can say I am doing something.  It is my party’s fault, at least partly if not mostly.  And I am doing something about it.

I am involved in the Republican Party because I want to institute change in the government, and the best way is to affiliate myself with a party that has some clout and the party that is most political similar to my principles.

But joining their ranks isn’t enough. I need to get involved. And I have done just that.  I have helped to elect a congressman whose political views are very close to mine.  It was a lot of hard work for all involved in this campaign but we were successful.

But if I were a Libertarian, then I could not have helped to bring the change that we did.  If I were a Libertarian, all I could have done was complain.  Okay, I could have worked on the campaign, but I might have told myself that I was a defector from my real principles.

One might accuse be of being a defector because I am a Republican.  However, I protest this claim because if you have been with me for any time, you know that all politicians are fair game for me.  I will call a Republican to the table just as easily as I would call a Democrat to the fore.  Actually, a Republican is probably more susceptible to my criticism.

While, there are several reasons I am not a Libertarian, one of the key reason I am not is because I want to change.  I want the principles I believe in to be represented in congress.  And the best way to do that is by affiliating with the party that closest represents my political philosophy, then working within the part to get them to represent.

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4 comments to Why I am not a Libertarian?

  • Why I am not a Republican.
    You say your are not a Libertarian because you want your work for change to bear fruit. You say it did so when you helped elect a Congressman who shared your views on government. That, of course, is the sticking point. If you were a Libertarian, you would not agree with this new congressman on the Patriot Act, the “war on drugs”, the surveillance state, huge budgets while masquerading as a fiscal conservatve, and wasting so much of our resources making war, based on falsehhoods. If you are happy where we are, you do not need to be a Libertarian. If you want a real altternative, you may yet change your mind. As Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party, I will welcome you when you are ready.

    • Thank you Andrew, you keep that door open, but don’t hold your breath. I am not that opposed to all of the things you mentioned. However, I don’t know that we are talking about the same person, because when you say “huge b udge while masquerading as a fiscal conservative” you are nit describing my candidate.

      One of my key concerns right now is reducing the size of government. I don’t mean that is my only concern, but it is my main concern, and I don’t see the Libertarians succeeding at doing that. Granted the Republicans have done the exact opposite of government reduction, but if we get people elected like Jason Chaffetz, we will see that happen.

  • Travis, you may want to check out the Republican Liberty Caucus. There is a Utah affiliate.

    • I have participated in the Republican Assembly. Not convinced that I am going to join, but they are interesting. I will look into the RLC, thanks for letting me know.

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