Protests on Private Property

If I were to right more on the subject of the Gay protests on the LDS Church’s private property, I would be repeating everyone else.  And frankly, I don’t care to repeat others.

So, for the most part on my opinion on this matter, I will refer you to Bob Lonsberry.  For the most part he reflects my opinion very well.

However, I want to add one more thought on the matter.  Something, that I haven’t seen said.

Simply put, how would they feel if we went to their homes and protested homosexuality on their lawns?  Wouldn’t they call the policy?  Wouldn’t the media be screaming in their favor?

You know for a fact, that we would be arrested if we protested in their yards.  You know for a fact, that the media would take their side.  You also know, that you would come out looking like the bad guy.

The LDS church purchased that land that is currently known as the mainstreet plaza.  They paid a fair market value for the land.  And the area is very hansomely kept and groomed.

It is a lovely place to go for a rest, to read, to think.  But it is private property.  People are invited to enjoy themselves there, but they are not allowed to protest.

You can come to my house too.  But if I decide for what ever reason, that I don’t want you there, then I can call the police and they can remove you.

This public kiss on private property is nothing more than a stunt, and if people keep fighing it, then we may have to start protesting in your front yard too.

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2 comments to Protests on Private Property

  • Main Street was stolen by an LDS-Church-controlled city council. Then the public easement, which was a condition of the original transfer of public property, was also stolen. We will never forget.

  • But the important thing, warnick, is that at least you aren’t bitter about it. If gay marriage is about rights, wouldn’t it be in proponents’ best interest to respect someone else’s rights?

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