Honoring Huntsman

With his confirmation pending, I feel now is a good time to give honors to Governor Huntsman.  We may have disagreed on a lot during his administration, but the fact still remains that he was a very well liked Governor.

He served Utah well these past years, and I honestly feel that he did a great job.  It isn’t easy putting up with whiners like me and the media, and a slew of legislators, but Governor Huntsman handled the pressure well.

He will serve our country well in his new position, and he is a great fit for the job.  I am tempted to talk about the political ramifications of this move, but I don’t want this to be a post of that nature.  President Obama made a very smart decision in choosing Huntsman, both politically and intellectually.  While there are probably others who could have done this job, Huntsman may perhaps be the best one to do it.

Huntsman will be missed in this state.  I am sure he will return and visit often, but he has been a good governor, and we will miss him.  Some, like me, may miss Huntsman because we want a chance to complain, but most of the state will miss him because he served us well. Governor Huntsman helped us to feel good about being Utahns, and there is a lot to be said for that.

Thank you for your service, and we look forward to watching your tenure in China.

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2 comments to Honoring Huntsman

  • Whether Mr. Huntsman was a good governor or not depends a great deal on what you expect of a governor. I will say this: China’s gain is Utah’s gain.

    • I was trying not to get too political with this, but I do agree with you. However, I have some concerns about Herbert, I hope it is a gain for Utah, and not just a lateral move.

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