Patrick Henry Caucus Prepares

When I first heard about the Patrick Henry Caucus, my first thought was, “It’s about time.”  And I was even more grateful to find out that my Representative, Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman), was one of the people behind this great organization.

States rights have been a battle since before Lincoln, but it was at a head, during the Civil War.  Ever since then, states rights have been dwindling.  It seems that today, the states can build a road without getting the okay from Uncle Sam.

Recently, Montana passed a law declaring that any gun that was manufactured in Montana, sold in Montana, used in Montana, with Montana based ammunition, was free from regulations placed on said gun by the Federal Government, but rather was under the control of the State laws.  This was based on the idea that the federal government can’t regulate inner-state trade, but they can regulate interstate trade.  It’s an intriguing law that will have several court battles that will need fighting.

It is also closely tied to the 10th Amendment that declares that the laws and rights not granted in the constitution would be given the the states.  However, many laws exist today that take away those right, despite their direct unconstitutional nature.

With the inceptions of the Montana law, many similar laws are popping up all over the country.  Texas is joining the fight, Tennessee has passed similar legislation, and other states are working on it too.

Why the sudden rush?

First, Citizens are tired of the federal government telling them what they can and can’t do.  Second, The more states that create laws like Montana’s, Texas’, and Tennessee’s states rights laws, the harder it will be fore the federal judges to strike down the legislation.

Because Utah’s legislative session is only during the last week of January into the middle of March, it can’t do anything right now.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  The truth is that they can’t pass laws right now.

So the Patrick Henry Caucus is now working on legislation that they can introduce early on in the legislative cycle to get it to pass.  The earlier it is introduced in the 2010 session the greater chance it has of getting through the legislative process.

Of the laws the Patrick Henry Caucus is proposing according to Bernick, the legislation that I like the most is that put forward by Ken Sumsion (R-Saratoga Springs) and Chris Herrod (R-Provo).

Holding a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution’s commerce clause (which provides for federal authority in regulating inter-state trade), they suggest that, for example, those federal laws would not be enforceable if a Utah coal mine sold its coal to a Utah power plant, which then burned the coal for Utah customers only and sequestered the carbon in Utah soil.

This is a nice sounding bill, fairly similar to the gun bill, but looking more at Utah interests.

I would like to see a bill that would help restore the federal land back to the states.  I am not sure how such a bill could tie into similar state’s rights bills.  However, Too much (over 60%) of the state of Utah is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.  This is wrong and it needs to be fixed.  I have talked to some of the members of the Patrick Henry Caucus here in Utah and they say that they are looking into it.  I just hope that they can put something together in time for this next legislative session.

One final note and in the interest of full disclosure, I have volunteered at a recent Patrick Henry Caucus fundraiser, and I fully intend on helping with future events for this project.  So, I may be biased on this issue, oh yeah, wait a minute, I am biased on all issues.

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5 comments to Patrick Henry Caucus Prepares

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  • April

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  • Glenn Flowers

    The Path of Survival for We, the People
    By Glenn Flowers, July 4, 2009

    To the Esteemed Members of the State Senates and Houses of Representitives,

    The United States of America and the Constitution of the United States of America have defined our union and its people for 233 years. Through that Constitution the people of the sovereign states have been guaranteed their inalienable rights and have enjoyed a security and protection second to none. That Constitution is, first and only, the contract between the sovereign states agreeing to that union, and the template and rules governing the federal government’s structure and authority. That central government was not and is not a party to that contract but was and still remains a result of that union of the states.

    Now, the people of all of your respective states find themselves under severe attack economically and socially, by that contractual result, to the point that we can not endure the subjugation of their tyranny any longer and still retain any hope of our property still being ours next week or even tomorrow. We have been of long suffering and met that admonition by Jefferson in the Declaration of 1776, to endure such lng suffering and not seek change for light and transient causes.

    The present administration is not trying to cure the economic or social ills we find ourselves in. No, if one were to take the president at his own word and believe what he says and not what you wish to hear there would be no doubt in any mind that his sole purpose is to destroy the ability of the people to earn any more than a bare subsistence so we are no more wealthy or of a higher standard of life than the rest of the world.

    In his first book Obama makes it very clear that he despises America and her wealth, and the pride taken in her by the people, and intended then to do whatever he was able to do to stop America from succeeding so well.

    Obama tells the people that he won the election, and that gives him leeway for his “social and economic justice.” He may have won the election but he also swore to uphold and defend and protect, and OBEY the Constitution. He has no right to abandon or destroy it. Obama has done many things that are direct violations of the Constitution, US Code, and state laws.

    He lies, yes he LIES on a daily basis, his words having an expiration period of less than 24 hours. He should not have been elected president as he is NOT a natural born citizen regardless of anything anyone says, according to the laws of the USA, he does not meet the requirements for a natural born citizen. He should not have been elected president as he made it clear, to anyone who had read his books, that he intended to not obey the Constitution or the law, and could not be expected to honor his own words. It is in his book, he admits to believeing that his goals justify anything necessary to accomplish them. He is a liar, a radical socialist, a thief, a hater of our nation and white people in particular. To verify what I am saying buy his autobiography, Dreams of My Father: Stories of Race and Inheritance, and check for yourself.

    We, the People of this country, have had enough of Mr. Obama, and the leaders of our states should know that and be angry enough themselves to act to remove us, the states, from his authority. The people together as states have a voice Washington listens to, YOU, the state officials. In fact, the state legislatures are the one voice that puts real concern into the minds of those elected federal officials. They know that the states created the Union, and they know that the states have the power, as representitives of the people, to replace them if they deemed it necessary.

    The government in Washington has become so enamored with themselves and the power and money available that they must be replaced and the Constitution restored, as written, as the law of the land or see this nation destroyed and made a third world equivalent. I know that that is a drastic measure and is not likely to be taken seriously by all state officials at this time. But, the time for action is passing quickly. Everyday Obama runs
    the race well ahead of us by fast tracking his key strategies before the people realize how to stop him. I am not the only one who has come to the conclusion that the states are our only salvation. Obama knows it also.

    The salvation of our way of life from destruction at the hands of the USA, viz. Obama, and his gang, rests solely with the legislatures of the fifty sovereign states. The resolutions passed by a few of the state legislatures, as associated in the Patrick Henry Caucus, would have a great and profound effect to bring about a realization of the people’s anger if a majority of the states passed similar, supporting legislation.

    The Patrick Henry Caucus, a forum of state law makers, is the only such action being taken that I know of. It can, if supported by a majority of state legislatures, save America before it’s too late.

    If it becomes necessary to take action such as Jefferson described in the Declaration of Independence, and replace our government, a resolution of nullification would be required from a majority of the states.I have taken the liberty of drafting a template, simple as it is, that could be the starting point for such a resolution. I do not flatter myself by believing it to be required as yet, nor do I believe it to be totally sufficient for such work, but intend to offer it only for your consideration if needed for such a purpose.

    Glenn F. Flowers

    FROM: The legislatures of the States of America,
    TO: The Federal Government, the United States of America

    These states, as represented by those whose signatures are attached hereto, through no fault of the people of the states, find that, due to the usurping of power by the Federal Government, we are not united in or by that government’s ideals or officials with whom we have been associated for many years.

    We, the People, now find ourselves in danger of having our liberties and wealth destroyed as independent and free people of these seperate states, by that very association which we entered into for the purpose of protecting our common interests from just such a tyranny as has become the United States of America.

    Through the illegal decisions made by the Supreme court, of which there are an assortment available for setting precedent that allows one or the opposite decision at the whim of the justices, and the exploitation of these rulings by the executive and legislative departments in taking the power of the other and constructing non-enumerated powers by deeming them “necessary and proper”; by using the leniency granted by the people to allow for unforseen events to, instead, levy upon us an unbearable debt that robs us and our progeny of rightly earned wealth and standard of life; by using the “power of the executive” to effect laws and policies designed to deconstruct the market society and individual motivation plainly of God’s hand, and instead, usher into the states a tyranny of wealth redistribution and theft reminiscent of socialism/statism; by using first the honor and respect of the office of their position and then acting in opposition to that respect and dignity to pass law that would be absolutely rejected if allowed airing before the people; through enactment of legislation requiring the usage of expensive, limited alternative sources of energy rather than the cheaper, abundantly available energy sources already in mass usage, by prohibiting production of those vast sources of proven reserves of petroleum, and through the implementation of huge taxes on emissions of naturally occurring carbon dioxide they have reversed the upward trend of not only American standards of living, but have eliminated any possibility of bringing better lives to billions of the third world countries delegating them to freezing in the dark; by engaging in these actions the officers of the Federal Government have committed gross acts of sedition against the true power of We, the People, have violated that solemn oath taken by them to protect and defend our Constitution, and have violated the word and intent of most every article, clause, and section of that document of union. This is not only bad governence, it is criminal activity.

    Therefore, the following has been ratified by the majority of the legislatures of the several states and is, thus, made the applicable law by resolve, rendering the Constitution, as pertains to that Federal Governing body now existing, null and void of authority and causing it to be, no more, the law of the land.

    To the furtherance of this cause it is:
    Our federal government has taken upon itself powers never authorized, and with that have subjected the people of the nation to great harm, destroying the economy and the very nature of our society, causing severe diminishing of the wealth and general welfare of the people.

    It has become necessary and of immediate need, to insure the survival of these sovereign states, to render the alliance to the Federal government non-existant and to, thereby, dissolve that created by the people of the states known as the United States of America.

    It is only with these state legislatures that that authority rests as the creators of that Government. Therefore, if and when that central organization is no longer required, it becomes destructive in its nature, the people decide it to be inefective and needs to be revised or replaced, only these state legislatures, having been the initiator and creator of that government for its own purposes and that government having no validity without the pleasure of these states and their people, have the authority to break those bonds voluntarily entered into. They can assert this authority over the Federal Government
    regardless of objection or resistance from any source within the USA as the Constitution stipulates causing it no longer to be the law of the land as far as the present officers of the USA are concerned.

    These legislatures of the several states, constituting a majority thereof, hereby declare all elected and appointed officers of all three branches of the Federal Government of the United States of America,, excluding those continual employees not a party to the administration, Congress, or judiciary, to be in violation of the terms of their service, as sworn to by them, and are, hereby, terminated and removed from office as provided for in the Constitution of the United States. This ends the alliance of states with that government.

    Resolved: We, the People of the states of America, retain the right of authorship, ownership, and any and all privelages of the titles, “The United States of America”, and the, “The Constitution of the United States of America”, for whatever future usage or purpose we see a need of or deem worthy. No officer, present or former, shall have any claim or right to these titles or to any resulting trademark.


    • Those are some interesting thoughts. I can’t say that I agree with them, but I post them as your comments.

      It does show that there is a growing number of people who are become more and more disenfranchised from their government, and unless government cleans up their act, it is our responsibility to keep them out of office.

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