Mike Honda: California Can’t Afford Federal Prisoners

The other day a friend and reader of this blog pointed this news item out to me.  Generally, I don’t follow national politics, and I don’t include The Hill as one of my must reads when it comes to news.  Not that I don’t think national politics are important, and not that I don’t think The Hill is worth reading.  However, I just have to prioritize my time, and national politics is rather low.

With that in mind, let’s turn to the national political scene and give it a local twist.  I am going to break the mold because this one is rather funny.  In an article claiming that Democrats are working against the Obama tax cuts, Mike Honda is quoted as saying:

“At a time when California is experiencing unprecedented budget challenges, my state’s taxpayers should not be burdened with funding incarceration costs of criminals who are by law the responsibility of the federal government,” said Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.), a House appropriator.

Now, if you were following last years Utah elections you might find this interesting. Mike Honda is the California Legislator who was outraged when Jason Chaffetz suggested that illegal aliens who committed atrocious crimes should be sent to prison tents because our jails are over crowded.

Let’s break Honda’s quote down into two parts.  California can’t afford tax cuts.  In a state where they have had to consider offering IOU’s for tax refund, it’s no doubt that they are struggling with their finances.

So, let’s look at the second part.  Honda says that the burden truly comes from the over burdened prison system which is housing, wait for it… federal prisoners.  Could that be code for “illegal aliens, who have committed high crimes”?  I think so.

Looks like Honda would like to have some prison tents of his own. What do you think?  Wonder if there is room in the stimulus package for affordable housing for federal prisoners.  Probably  not.

Before I end, I can’t help but remind our readers that the the Obama tax cuts don’t even come close to counter-balancing his billion dollar stimulus package.  Even if the Democrats signed off on Obama’s tax cuts, we would still have the worst debt problem in American history.

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