Chaffetz is Providing the Leadership Promised

Shortly after the election where Jason Chaffetz won the Third District Seat in Congress, I found myself in a debate with some neighbors about congressional tenure and it’s value in voting for a candidate.  This discussion was primarily centered around my non-support for the future candidacy of Senators Hatch and Bennett.

Those with whom I was debating argued that Senator Hatch could do more for this state because of his tenure then anyone else. And based on the speech that Senator Hatch gave at the Utah Republican Organizing Convention on Saturday, it is obvious that Hatch agrees that the best reason to vote for him to because of his senility (umm, I mean seniority).  My neighbors also argued, as did Hatch, that the Senator has done a lot behind the scenes to keep things in tact for Utah.  It was uncanny how much Hatch’s comments were similar to my neighbors.

During this debate, I argued that one doesn’t need seniority to be an effective legislator.  All one needs to do is rally the troops and gather like minded legislators together.  Then I predicted that Jason Chaffetz would do just that.

Recently both the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News reported that freshman Congressman Jason Chaffetz has formed a group of like minded Legislators. Chaffetz joined forces with Republican Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas and formed the Sunset Caucus.  The purpose of this caucus is to eliminate federal waste.

While his position is only in a caucus and not a leadership position on a congressional committee, it is the leadership that I suspected Chaffetz would garner.  He will use this co-chair position to continue to represent the conservative values that he was elected on.  And the conservative values that helped him to receive a nearly full-audience standing ovation at the Republican Organizing Convention.

This caucus has yet to be proven, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  However, this shows that leadership doesn’t come with seniority.  Rather it is a personal attribute that one takes to congress.  Chaffetz is fulfilling two of his campaign promises through this caucus.  First, he is providing leadership, and second, he is fighting government waste.

Update:  Jason has recently put this resolution forward with is direct relationship to this new caucaus. H. R. 2914: To amend the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 to terminate marketing assistance loans and loan deficiency payments for mohair producers.

Update #2: Holly on the Hill offers more insights into this great new caucus.

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1 comment to Chaffetz is Providing the Leadership Promised

  • I was there. I agree that Hatch sees his contribution to Utah in the way represented here, seniority, seniority, but I do not agree that a Chaffetz caucus is anything close to leadership; ideals yes, leadership – not yet. I appreciate Chaffetz’s zeal and find myself supporting him generally but the Freshman has a long, long, way to go before he can effectively bring any power to Utah. Don’t be naive Utah. I know we want change, I want it too, but selling out our seniority in these critical times could be somewhat like cutting off our collective noses. I’m proceeding with caution.

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