Utah GOP Shuns at Anti-Hatch/Bennett Message

The Utah Republican Party doesn’t like fellow Republicans who voice their opinion against their candidates.

Did you know that the Utah Republican Party has a blog.  It’s called Leadership that Deliverers and it is generally fairly informative and fun to read.  I commend them in their efforts to reach out their party members and the public through blogging.

However, about a week ago, the party bloggers posted their support for Hatch and Bennett’s votes on the bail out bill. Immediately after reading the post, I commented that I disagreed with them.

Then I watched waiting for my comment to be published. It never was. At first, I thought that it was because of my dissenting opinion. But it doesn’t go that far. Because they currently have one comment that disagrees with them.

So, they aren’t that thin skinned. But they are sensitive about their politicians. Because the only reason that I can think why they wouldn’t publish the comment was that I specifically stated that I would not be voting for Bennett or Hatch their next election time.

I would provide the full comment, but I wasn’t smart enough to keep a copy of the comment somewhere. I just assumed that they were open-minded enough to let my post get through. I now know better.

It’s amazing how weak kneed the party is. Come on guys. We can’t a little decent in the party? It’s almost enough to make we want to leave. But I won’t because the Utah Republican Party is the closest major party to my opinion, and I can’t have influence without their strength.

Apparently, I CAN‘t choose to vote against a Republican candidate and express it on their blog.

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7 comments to Utah GOP Shuns at Anti-Hatch/Bennett Message

  • They must be blowing more than a few capillaries over Steve U.’s lambasting of the bailout.

  • It’s the Utah Republican Party and, I’m not being my usual sarcastic self here, they DO NOT allow dissent of any actual, factual or realistic nature.

    Nor, really, do they like the more fantastical, bombastic dissent of a Towner or a Ridgway. Then again … I can hardly blame them for that.


  • This is something that frustrates me about politics in general…. those who are afraid of actual discussion. Just remember it’s not unique to the Republican Party. The best thing you can do is continuing to express your opinion.

  • I would be happy to publish your dissenting comment at

    Unfortunately, we get about 200 spam messages per day that are loaded as “comments”. I do my best to weed through them looking for the real comments, as opposed to the spam comments.

    Unfortunately, I probably deleted your comment with a batch of 30-40 spam comments.

    As you noted, we have posted other dissenting opinions. For the time being, I have given up trying to weed through the spam. I have better things to do with my time right now.

  • Okay. I have taken you up on this. I have reposted a similar comment. Thanks for your efforts.

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