When Will He Run for President?

I am not saying that I agree with all of his actions during his political career. However, Tom Coburn is the type of man we need as President.

I heard about him during a 20/20 television article on the Coburn’s attempts and apparent successes at trying to reduce pork in the government. He is perhaps one of the least popular Senators in the Congress right now. He has never asked for pork for his state and he fights all requests from other states for pork.

I light of the pork bill for Iraq that Bush plans to veto, Coburn’s actions are especially interesting. Our government has become too much of a “I’ll-scratch-your-back,-if-you-scratch-mine” decision making entity.  Too many bills are really just pork barrels in order to get them passed.

Coburn has the solution. He does not want to allow pork to happen.

Coburn was first elected to the House of Representatives. He was the citizen’s Representatives. He promised to serve for only a short while and return to private life. He did just that. Three terms as a representative and he return to his private medical practice. Later he ran for Senate and was elected to be a citizen’s Senator and he is doing a fine job.

If this man were to run for president, I would vote for him on this one issue. Honestly, the man could be pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and pro-gun control, and I would still vote for him. For the record, I don’t believe that he is any of those. But to be completely honest, I know only one thing about him.  And in my opinion that one thing is big.

He is a Pork Buster! And that is good enough for me.

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