UEA at the Republican Caucus

The UEA (Utah Educators Association) is perhaps Utah’s most liberal Union.  They are undoubtedly the states strongest Union.

Knowing that the UEA is liberal, I am just wondering why they are showing up at the Republican Caucuses.

Okay, that is a lie.  I know why they are there.  They know that the only way they can have any power in this great state is to dress like Republicans once every two years.

I wonder how hard it is for some of them to fill out their voter registration cards and list themselves as Republicans.

I am just wondering if any of you other caucus attendees found yourself amongst some non-conservative “Republicans” at your caucus meeting.  Also, were your non-conservative attendees as vocal as those at my caucus meeting.

Fortunately, at my meeting, I don’t think that anyone who directly represented the UEA actually got elected to any positions.  Hopefully, this means that those who were elected will represent my voice.

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  • […] Delegate position, but Carl Wimmer has no Republican contenders. Unlike last time when there were several UEA voters in the caucus. This time there was only two or three that I recognized as being pro-UEA (him, I only have three […]

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