Fabulous Farding Friday: I Am Tired of Graveyards

If you don’t know, I work the graveyard shift (our company calls it the hoot owl or hoot for short). And I am ready to change my shift.

When I first took this position with this company it was with the idea that I would work our day shift. But it seems that there has always been one reason or another why I can’t go to that shift. And I am getting tired of all the excuses.

Perhaps, it is because I am being too forthright with my boss and telling him that I don’t like my shift and I want to go to days. So, he is just getting back at me and keeping me here. But it is really getting tiresome. I have worked this shift for 2+ years and I want to return to the world of the nightsleepers.

The last time I made the request he was rather amenable at first. Sounded like he would do what he could, but explained that it would take at least 6 months to happen.

However, I had to keep talking and I ended up saying something made him mad. I think it was my saying that I had done my time on the hoot. And he just got mad. so, I am probably going to be stuck here forever.

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2 comments to Fabulous Farding Friday: I Am Tired of Graveyards

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