Time to Talk Taxes, Again

So, the Governor Huntsman’s Tax Reform Panel has finally weighed in. They have made their recommendations and now it’s up to the legislature to act on it.

What did they suggest?

Basically, they decided to start taxing a few non-essential services like, “attorney and accounting bills, airfares, newspaper sales, public investigator bills, lawn care and pest control, hair cuts, car towing, diet services, Internet service bills and elective surgeries such as face lifts.” And that more essential services like “doctor and hospital bills and prescription drugs would remain tax free.”

Okay, I can agree with that. I really don’t have any major concerns here.

They also suggested that there should be a “$200 million tax cut for ‘inputs’ on businesses purchases.”  And this is a good thing.  Any time taxes are cut it is a good thing.

However, I disagree with this proposal because they kept to Governor Huntsman suggestions “to keep the system revenue-neutral — neither reduce nor increase tax revenues.

So, although, the tax rate could be reduced because of present revenues.  They will not.  Again, I am angered by this.  Won’t someone please put tax reductions back on the agenda?

See below for more info:,1249,605152853,00.html,1249,605152939,00.html

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