Fabulous Farding Friday: In Case You Thought that Story Was True

Okay, I might have fudged on some of the details in that last entry.

I woke myself up at 5:30, because I know that the dishes needed to be done, and I know that Sandy’s grandma would be coming to watch our kids.  So, I figured Sandy would want her house presentable.  After I did the dishes and took a shower, I took a quick second to check my blog, but we left as soon as grandma arrived.

As this ended up being a planned induction, Sandy was giving patocine (or however you spell it), and the contractions started.  about an hour later, Sandy was ready for the epidural (spelling not sure).  The anesthesioligist (why are all medical terms hard to spell) took his own sweet time to get to the room, then he noticed the urgent nature, and quickly took care of business.

The baby was born at 10:17am (almost 2 hours after induction), and did way 9lbs. 4oz.  He was also 21 inches long.

He will most likely be named Zachary R Grant.  However, no papers have been signed, and we (she) chould change our minds.

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